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What is involved in renovating a house or adding an extension?

Let’s take a look at the process of renovation and adding an extension to give you a brief overview of what is involved. While both are similar, there are elements of the construction process involved with an extension that usually are not needed when you are renovating existing square footage.

The beginning

Whether renovating or adding on, the first step involves a trip to the local code authority to find out if your renovation or extension needs planning approval or if it falls under permitted development. If it requires planning approval, you can start that process by going to the Planning Portal online. After you get past this step, you can move on to the next step.

Start the construction

With approved plans and permits in hand and utilities marked near the construction site, you are ready to begin the process of renovating your home or adding an extension. The typical home renovation is concerned with upgrading existing space so there probably won’t be any digging involved, but if you are adding a kitchen or dining room area to your home, then you will be digging new footers and building a foundation to support your new extension.

The general flow of work

Once you have the foundation in place, exterior walls framed and the roof dried in, the renovation and the extension proceed similarly. The contractor will need to seal off the work areas so that construction dust and debris doesn’t get spread into the finished section of the home.

Types of projects considered in renovation and extensions

  1. Adding a heated floor to part of your home. This project can be a money-saving renovation as a heated floor controls the temperature in the room much more evenly than conventional forced air or wood burning from a fireplace or wood stove.

This will involve laying down heating coils and then pouring a thin layer of concrete over the coils.  After that, you can stain the concrete, or you can install tile or stone on the floor for a more decorative finish.

  • Adding a large stone patio area increases the value of your home and provides a wonderful area for family and guests to congregate.  This renovation requires the removal of all sod and weeds followed by the leveling of the area where the slab is poured. While you can leave the concrete unfinished, many find the addition of stone pavers to provide a more pleasing result.
  • An extension can be as large as the original structure, or it can be as small as an enclosed entryway. When doing small projects, the best idea is to match the existing siding on the home, so the extension looks as though it has always been there. You can easily add a patio to this project and make it as plain or as decorative as you desire.
  • An upgrade to your bathroom can come in the form of a renovation or an extension. The hottest ideas in bathrooms for 2019 are hanging vanities and chromotherapy tubs.
  • The most desired renovation or extension in most older homes is a new kitchen/dining area. As an extension, this project adds additional square footage to your home while bringing in fresh design ideas in the form of shelving, storage, and cabinets. Ceramic tile is making a comeback in flooring for 2019, and many homeowners are opting for bold colors on the walls.

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