Considering a Loft Conversion?

Project and Construction Will Help Make Your Renovation an Investment in the Future

Your home was perfect when you purchased it, but your needs have changed, and you need a contractor that can guide you in the process of adding the space that will make it more livable while at the same time ensuring that the investment you made in the home continues to grow in value. Choosing how to add additional living space to your home requires a builder like Project and Construction LTD that will listen to your desires and help to make your dream home a reality.

We understand the London market

Project and Construction  understands the London area housing market because we have been improving homes in this area since 2007.  We want to help you navigate through the construction process so that you avoid unnecessary fees and complete your project as quickly as possible.  Converting unused space in your current home into new living quarters is always less expensive than moving to a new location. More and more people are adding loft conversion to their home and taking advantage of the cost savings associated with renovating instead of suffering the added expenses of relocating. We can help you design the ideal loft renovation and will be there to give helpful advice as you move from planning to the finished project.

We are customer-focused

Project and Construction is a family-owned and operated business that is relationship driven. Our team will invest whatever time is necessary while going through the design process to help you consider all your options before we start.  Then, when we have the perfect solution for your loft extension, we will put our team of professional trades on the job.  They work for us and have your peace of mind as their number one priority – we guarantee it. As the project proceeds, you will discover that we are communicating with you every step of the way.

Should you do it yourself

Whilst many projects naturally lend themselves to the DIYer in your home, a loft conversion is probably not one of them.  There will be many aspects of this conversion  that require expert-level knowledge of building codes as well as serious experience in the trades. More likely than not, the project will require adding to or modifying structural components of the home, and these are jobs that are best left to professionals. Project and Construction cares about the quality of the final project and only builds to the high standards that are demanded by discerning customers.

We are professional builders

Project and Construction  has been in business over 12 years helping to create dream renovations in the Greater-London area. We have the experience to make your loft conversion  a success and will walk you through the entire process.  Our previous customers are our best advertising, and we are proud to have you speak with them concerning our commitment to first class service.  For more information and a free consultation contact us at