A Successful Home Renovation Starts with a Solid Plan

Moving to a new location can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. For some people, just the thought of packing up everything in the home, then getting it on the moving van, and all the rest that goes with relocating is more than they can bear. So, if you’re considering to move house because your old place feels, well, old, why not renovate your home and enjoy the benefits of an exciting, new environment without the hassle of a move? Project and Construction LTD has worked with many homeowners in designing and completing their renovation dream project. They have the experience to take your renovation dreams off the paper pad and make them a reality.

Start with a plan

Before starting a renovation, you need to think about what areas will be affected and how the work that will be going on in those areas will slow down the flow of traffic in your house. More likely than not, the furniture will be covered with drop cloths for protection, and some areas of the house may be blocked off entirely to protect your family while the work is going on.  Project and Construction LTD will help you devise a plan with a workable schedule that will let you continue to enjoy your home while the renovations are taking place.

What is involved in a renovation

A renovation can be as simple as adding a splash of paint to a few select walls, or it can involve moving walls, adding lighting and new plumbing, converting an existing garage to a new living area or countless other projects that might be undertaken within the confines of your existing structure. If you’re like most people, you don’t know which walls can be moved or what is involved in relocating an electrical outlet from one place to another, or how to bring plumbing into a room that never had it there before. Project and Construction LTD knows how to handle these concerns and many others just like them. You will be able to set your mind at ease once the work begins, knowing that you have selected a professional contractor.

A lot of details but we’ll be with you

From the beginning of the project, which involves pulling permits, checking building regulations, verifying code requirements and ensuring safety measures are in place until the final cleanup and inspections are completed, our team at Project and Construction LTD will maintain constant communication with you. You won’t have to track us down to find out what the next step is on your project.  We will be on your job, working hard every day, making sure that everything is going per plan and on schedule and if anything is amiss, we will notify you immediately.

Contact us

Project and Construction LTD is a family-owned business, and our tight-knit team of professionals has one goal – your complete satisfaction. We have satisfied customers all around the Greater-London area, and we can provide you with references that will confirm the excellent quality of our workmanship.  For a free estimate, please write us at info@projectandconstruction.co.uk.

We look forward to hearing from you.