Adding A House Extension?

Project and Construction LTD Has the Experience To Guide You Through The Process

Extending your home can be a wise alternative to relocating.  You purchased your home for several good reasons:  you love the neighborhood, it’s convenient to school and shopping, and now you have friends that you don’t want to leave.

Adding space to your home is often less expensive (with less emotional stress) than moving and can add significant value to your home if you plan carefully and choose the right builder to help you through the process. Project and Construction LTD has worked with many homeowners in the Greater-London area to help them carve the most usable and valuable space from their existing property while carefully considering their budget needs.

Many ideas to choose from

Today’s homeowner has the advantage of being able to choose from among thousands of extension ideas by driving the neighborhood, going online or reading about them in traditional magazines. However, before you start thinking about the physical shape of the extension, your first consideration is why do you need the extra space? You can break this down into categories to make sure you precisely define the goal of your extension project. Do want additional storage area or do your needs revolve around expanding living space? Adding a bedroom is a favorite extension project and so is turning your attic into a beautiful, cozy loft. One of the most fashionable extensions (and most expensive) is updating your kitchen, while another would be to add an ensuite bathroom to the master bedroom.

Regulations and codes

Once you’ve nailed down the need, you can turn to design. Adding an extension will require that you stay within a certain distance from your property lines.  Some locales will have regulations concerning how high you can build, and there are some codes that restrict the type of exterior materials that are used when finishing the extension. Project and Construction LTD can help you come up with a final design by walking you through the extension process, helping you to avoid the possible pit stops that you may run into with building regulations, local codes and permitting. We will not only be your contractor but will be your steady advisor through the entire process.

Costs of extensions today

An extension in today’s market can range from £1500 to £2500 per square metre depending upon the quality and type of extension. A simple garage extension may cost £18,000-£24,000 (plus VAT) while a kitchen extension may run upwards of £40,000 or more depending upon the specifications. Your budget will define the overall parameters of the project, so you want to choose a contractor that has the experience and know-how to stretch those £’s so that you get the most significant benefit from your investment.

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